Well, if we go with that, it'd have...

 Posted on 7/2/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Well, if we go with that, it'd have to be ONWARD: The Official Newsletter
of Babylon 5 (or somesuch). Still considering.

We think we've locked down (in our own minds, at least) all but two of
our main characters. Put their photos all up together on the wall of my
office in the B5 wing, and they look good together...a nice mix of faces,
varying age ranges, not a "pretty-boy" or bimbo in the bunch. They all have
faces with character, the majority of them come from classical training,
Juliard or the Royal Shakespearean company...really a good bunch. With luck,
we'll have these nailed down by sometime next week, though I won't be able to
announce anything until Warners is ready to do so...we have to coordinate this

Had one minor production-heart-attack today, but I think it's nothing we
can't get over. Meanwhile, the EFX are looking better and better and better.
Next week I meet with the sound guys to start mapping out our strategies.

And for those in the Phoenix area...the B5 presentation is scheduled for
WesterColt on Saturday at 1 p.m.