Here's an important lesson:

 Posted on 6/24/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Here's an important lesson:

When someone comes to videotape you, and they tell you to sit back in
your chair, SIT BACK IN YOUR CHAIR! Augh. I saw the videotape of the behind-
the-scenes piece Warners did on us. And it's fine, really, it's got good
stuff, it looks nice, it's just...everybody else sat back, so they used a lens
with a slightly fisheye effect to bring them forward, but I have this tendency
to get passionate when I talk, and I sit forward, and _ well _ I look like I
gained 50 pounds at *least*. Combine that with the tendency of television to
make you look heavier to begin with, and yikes!

Anyway, that aside (I may never eat a pizza again), it came out well.

More meetings today, costume and prosthetics and wardrobe and the like.
Have some interesting new techniques we're going to try; don't know if they'll
work yet or not, we have to do some tests, but if they do, it'll be cool.
Also saw a still of the Narn ship for the first time. Not bad.

This will be brief; have been on the go since forever today, and am about
ready to fall flat on my face.