Located quite some distance away...

 Posted on 6/23/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Located quite some distance away from B5 (a safe distance in case
something goes wrong) is the jump point, which is a device which creates an
"exit-point" from hyperspace. It's tremendously powerful, allowing smaller
ships to use the system without lugging around the massive amount of
equipement and power sources to burst back in.

The area itself is several miles across. You go into one at point A, and
emerge at point B. Big ships _ BIG ships _ can create their own entrances
and exits (which explains how the gates or jump points got somewhere), and
they construct the gates as exploration continues, leaving gates the way you'd
leave bread crumbs.

At least, that's the theory.

Meanwhile, spent 6 hours watching tapes of actors auditioning,and sat in
on some live auditions as well (the tapes were from New York). We have some
REALLY good candidates. The hardest to cast, I figured, would be Delenn, for
many reasons...but we may have lucked out right out of the _ um_ gate.

There are times when you see a face, and just go, "Nahhh, that ain't it"
and fast-forward...but you really do feel for these actors, the work it takes
to get in the front door.

Anyway, if we find nothing else, we've got strong prospects for at least
half our cast, and two weeks more to go on casting, so we're in very good