Someone who has no flaws to overcome...

 Posted on 6/19/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Someone who has no flaws to overcome is, in my view, a pretty crappy role

You have to stop for a moment and ask yourself, seriously, what a role
model *is*, or should be.

Is a "role model" someone of privilege, or station, who is utterly absent
of self-doubt or flaw?

Someone, in other words, who is almost alien to us?

Or is a real role model someone who has gone through the same things we
have, experienced the same problems and frustrations and dead-ends as we have,
but who has managed to overcome those problems and lead a life of dignity and

It's like saying which is the better role model for an explorer: someone
who's ranged all over the plains, fallen down, gotten lost, cut his feet, but
managed to find his way back safely...or the guy who reads plenty of maps, but
never leaves his living room?