Excuse me while I fall down....

 Posted on 6/16/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Excuse me while I fall down....

It has been a *looooooooooooong* day.

Met with some execs and showed them our progress...blew them away. They
had no *idea* we had come so far, or were capable of so much. Also during
this, they (and I) got to see the foam-core models for the first time of the
B5 sets. They're really something else. We're taking a completely different,
but very logical approach to building the sets than anyone is going to expect.
Everything about them, the angles, the composition, is unique. Really cool

Then went over sound stuff and other production details. For those
keeping track, it does seem that we're going "non-whoosh" for our space
sounds, to keep it closer to reality. Went over alien langauges, how we're
handling sound in environmental respects, that sort of thing. And THEN met
with the wardrobe designer we've selected, who kept laying out designs and
photos and magazine pictures and ethnic clothing styles from various
countries, "Is it like this? Or more like this?" And you're confronted with
shadings and degrees and liens, and what is going to be the style 200 years
from now?

It's just a blur of decisions, and you're constantly surrounded by five
or six people who need the answers to what the world looks like NOW so they
can begin building it.

After a while, you can't even see straight anymore, and all you want to
do is go somewhere *far* away for a long long time.

Not that it ain't fun, and not that it ain't exciting, but yikes!

Will be seeing the audition tapes from New York tomorrow. We have
already found some nice prospects. Will advise when I have a better idea.
Going to collapse now.