Agreed, the simpler the better....

 Posted on 6/15/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Agreed, the simpler the better. No ads for now. Just info.

Phil, send me the B5 text file, and I'll approve it ASAP, just want to
make sure I didn't say anything a) stupid, or b) no longer correct.

I'm giving thought to opening up the shirts for general order at cost.
When I decide on that one way or another, will post that info (and the
address) here. Just being careful...there's only 500 of those things, and I'm
not sure how many I'll be lugging to conventions.

The "Making Of" documentary will be made during the filming of B5, so
where it'll be appearing or when is an open question. I imagine it'll be
supplied to E! and ET and other news organizations, and to the TV stations
carrying B5 as promotional material. Since we don't want to blow our wad too
early, I can't imagine it'd appear in general distribution anytime before
December/January, though if I can get my hands on it, it may appear at a
convention or two....