ComiCon is August 13-16. We begin...

 Posted on 6/1/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

ComiCon is August 13-16. We begin filming on August 10th, so it's hard
to know exactly what sort of footage (if any) we'll have to show at that time;
that's awfully fast. But there will certainly be the current EFX reel, plus
whatever new stuff Ron has come up with by then, and we may have some slides
as well...we'll see. (You mean I'M not enough?)

The core group of stations carrying B5 are themselves paying part of the
production costs, so that's an interesting development in terms of delivery
and who'll carry what. (This to a question about 11 messages ago.)

BTW, we'll have a film crew on premises during our *own* filming, for a
Making Of documentary. Gee, suddenly I'm a star....