On the shirt, Elissa...I'm about...

 Posted on 5/29/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

On the shirt, Elissa...I'm about to log off, so if you can leave me a
note in mail, I'll send you the info.

On the topic of the LA visit in June...I'd have to say that's really up
in the air. I don't know yet what my schedule is going to look like. My
suggestion: once you get into town, call me at Universal Studios. If nothing
else works, we can say hi over the phone. If things aren't as crazy as they
tend to be, maybe we can do it in person.

I *suspect* that the B5 picture in AmigaWorld is the earlier version of
the station, though I haven't seen it. If it's grey/white, then that's what
it is. Still cool, but not as cool as the current version. But I'm glad to
know it's there, and the word is getting out.

Will see what I can do about putting up some information on Ben Kyle
sometime soon.

Up to my butt in meetings today re: B5. All good stuff. Met with our
director again, who's going out of town for a bit, to discuss the latest
revisions on the script that I've made. Also met with the studio exec who's
our liaison, and -- well, this probably isn't going to make much sense to
anybody, but see, all this time, I've been using my own script binder for the
B5 screenplay, the color logo, that sort of thing. Well, when the studio exec
showed up, he'd brought along a copy of the script as generated by Warner
Bros.' script department, with the WB logo, and all of the things that come
with a studio's name...and it was just cool, it made it seem strangely real
all of a sudden.

And speaking of becoming real, we're gearing up more and more, with
additional hirings and stuff. By June 10th, we're actually going to have our
SET MODELS! Our production designer has been busily constructing them and
sculpting them and doing floor plans and blueprints, and within two weeks,
we'll actually be able to see three-dimensional renderings of what the station
is going to look like. We then have about a week to futz with the designs,
then it has to be nailed down so we can begin actual set construction.

*Everybody's* jazzed. Everyone loves the script, we've got a great crew
assembled -- top-flight from top to bottom, some of the best and the brightest
-- the EFX are stunning, all that remains now is the cast...the sense you get
from everybody is that this one is *different*, it's got something special
about it. And the work everyone's putting into it really demonstrates that.
Everyone's going above and beyond the call of duty, beginning even before
they're being paid, just to be able to spend that much more time working it
out and getting it just *right*. In a town where it seems everyone's out for
the bucks, to see people saying, "Look, it's gonna take a week to set the
deal, how about if I just start now, screw the payments right now," is just

This is *such* a kick.