Just a quote from David Gerrold...

 Posted on 5/28/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Just a quote from David Gerrold over on another system: "The (B5) effects
that I've seen are the best I've ever seen done for television, and better
than many of the effects done for major feature films." This after viewing
the most recent reel.

Meanwhile, our director flies to New York next week, during which time
he'll start scouting around for possible cast. As cast members are nailed
down during the next month, I'll pass them along here as soon as we can
confirm with Warners that it's okay to release the names (meaning that the
contracts have been finalized).

What I'm going to say now is going to sound a little strange, but there
are reasons for it. Though we already have some ideas, when we end up casting
the actor for the part of Delenn, that is the only role and the only actor
that I will try very hard NOT to announce prior to airdate. So that's one
topic that I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep mum about for as long as
conceivably possible. (No, it's not likely to be a Big Name, anyone you're
familiar with, so that's not the reason.)

When the time comes, you'll understand why.