What came out of the meeting was...

 Posted on 5/28/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

What came out of the meeting was some good stuff, and strong support for
some needed areas, and as you can tell I'm limited to generalities. Some
meetings and conversations have to respect privacy. If execs think that what
they have to say is going to be splashed all over systems, they have a
tendency not to have meetings.

Don't know if Houston is on the list or not, but I'll look into it as far
as casting is concerned, and a con.

Absolutely bushed today. In the midst of everything else, I got a call
from one of my editors at Writer's Digest, asking if I'd be willing to
contribute an article to their scriptwriting issue, due out in November. It'd
sort of be the thematic article that ties all of the other articles together.
I wondered if he REALLY wanted me to tell the truth. He said absolutely. So
I came home, and pounded out 3,000 words that will either inspire a lot of
folks, or scare the hell out of them.

We'll see.

More meetings the rest of the week. Will advise as there's anything
specific to report.