Jeez, what a day...between MURDER,...

 Posted on 5/27/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Jeez, what a day...between MURDER, SHE WROTE and B5, coming back from
hiatus has been a trip. Today was my first full day back on both
projects...and the B5 stuff is looking good.

Met today with the woman we're pretty sure we're going to use as our
casting director, and as planned, we're not going for "name" actors, no
"hunks" per se, no one with a lot of SF baggage (no Gil Gerards or Marc
Singers). We're going for actors with character in their faces, who have some
classical or general theatrical training...we're going to be scouting L.A.,
Chicago, New York and London for performers. Big emphasis on fresh faces.

Also met again with the director, and other members of the production
staff, got the EFX schedule and budget nailed down, and so on. As you begin
to gear up in earnest, you begin to realize how many decisions there are to be
made...seemingly a million, some days. It's fun, in a rather tiring way, but
still exhilirating. (The casting director *loved* the script, and commented
that it was the first time in over three years that a script has sent her to
the dictionary to look up new words.)