All sorts of ships use the B5 facilities....

 Posted on 5/26/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

All sorts of ships use the B5 facilities. It's the only game around for
several light-years in any direction, so it's a vital place for travelers.
(Well, maybe "light years" might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the
idea.) Some military ships come through, from all sides, but there are VERY
strict regulations...anyone coming on board must be scanned for weapons. None
are allowed on the base.

Most of the ships at this time are set for interstellar travel, but there
are exceptions or variations. For instance, a military mothership would come
into that space bearing the short-range fighters which would then come out. A
lone fighter might not be able to make it back without that support.

As for the Vorlon ship -- believe me, it ain't comic relief, in any sense
of the word. I've seen what it can do. And there *is* a utilitarian reason
behind its design. In addition, we want to show something VERY alien in
design and construction...and frankly, there's NO reason a ship that isn't
ever going to enter atmosphere needs to look aerodynamic. In time, you'd
move toward things that are visually or aesthetically interesting. In this
culture (Vorlon), art and science are closely allied, so this extension into
the look of their ships is quite natural. Concepts about what ships are have
become very rigid and inflexible thanks to the preponderance of SF-TV shows.
We want to loosen that up. And that look DOES, as stated, have a practical
aspect about it as well, which will be seen down the road.

As for conventions, yes, I'll announce them here. There's currently
Westercolt, and SD Comic Con, and as more are lined up, I'll note them here.
Will write to Priscilla about MagicCon asap. And I'm always at LosCon...that
convention saw the very first presentation of the show, and will probably be
among the first to see something very close to a finished product, given its
November schedule.