What will happen next year...only...

 Posted on 5/25/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

What will happen next year...only next year can tell. Who knows, I may
be on the corner of Hollywood and Vine selling pencils.

By the way, on Friday David Gerrold and D. C. Fontana came by the house
to see the new B5 effects (moving Vorlon ship, moving B5, other stuff) on
tape. They were both absolutely stunned, and said so. David in particular --
having also read the script -- has taken up the task of spreading the word,
telling people that this is "the show TNG should have been." Coming from two
of the primary lights of the original Trek, their support means quite a lot.

I've gotten a number of private messages and calls from people asking
what they can do. And really, it comes down to two things: 1) Tell your
friends. As many as possible, *if* you like what you're seeing. We don't
have as well-known a name as TNG, or the ST coat-tails to ride on, all we have
is the goodwill of the fan community, and word of mouth. And 2) When the show
finally airs, and if again you like what you see, then it is of the utmost
importance that you communicate this to the television station in your area
that broadcast B5. This one is absolutely crucial to continuing to enjoy the
amount of creative freedom we've experienced so far.

Rarely in life are we afforded an opportunity to make a difference. I
believe, down to my marrow, that B5 can make that difference. And I equally
believe that the viewing/fan community can make every bit as big a difference
in supporting that endeavor, and getting the word out to others.
That, to me, would be the best gift of all.