On average, neither TNG nor DS9...

 Posted on 5/24/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

On average, neither TNG nor DS9 come up in topic much over at the B5
offices. When it does at all, it's often in the sense that they seem to have
grown rather complacent. Really, when you come right down to it, they haven't
had much competition over these last five years, and that's bound to lead to a
sense of complacency.

We hope, very shortly, to release a mouse in the elephant's cage.

Imagine if there were only one cop show on the air. No competition, and
a nominally captive audience...if you like cop shows, this is the only game in
town. The first time something else comes along, though, it forces you to
maybe work a little harder, do a little better. It challenges you and that's
always a good thing, I believe.

As I think I mentioned before, as soon as all the personnel are ensconced
in their offices, I plan to have a large metal sign made up, which will go
right over the inside front door: IF YOU'RE NOT HERE TO KICK ASS, GET OUT.
Though I don't think that will be much needed, given the team we're
assembling. That attitude comes through in many ways. In both the Vorlon and
B5 gifs, for instance, you'll notice the blue nebula in the background. Blue
is very difficult to deal with in EFX. It's a flare to all concerned. Ron
points to that and to the objects in the foreground and keeps smiling as he
says, "See? NO MATTE LINES!"

It's that kind of attitude that, I think, will lead to the general
betterment of BOTH sides. Nothing makes your mind work with astonishing
clarity than to suddenly find yourself being chased around the room by a
lunatic with a ball-bat....