By the way, appropos of the Creation...

 Posted on 4/27/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

By the way, appropos of the Creation Con discussion earlier in this

This past Friday, my guest on the SF radio show that I host, HOUR 25, was
David Gerrold. My co-host, Larry DiTillio, brought along his brother and a
friend of his brother who he thought might be interesting to have on that
night during the "nattering" part of the show (the first 15-20 minutes we put
in on news and small-talk). "He just came from Nimoy's place, where he
directed a photo shoot to promote a traveling show Nimoy's doing with

A shrug, I dunno if that's worth the time, any stories he might have.

"He's also one of the main guys running Creation Cons," Larry said.

Imagine, if you will, a pause vast as space. "Oh really?" says I.
"Sure, put him on."

So we go on the air, live, we natter, we bring in this guy, stick him in
front of a mike, we chat a bit about this nine-city tour Nimoy and Shatner are
going to be doing, then from left field: JMS - "So, would you like to comment
on why Creation Con has such a crummy reputation among the fan community, the
way it treats fans like cattle, the high prices, the rotten commercial
attitude it takes toward its conventions?"

Let's just say, of the rest of the 10 minutes before we moved on to the
heart of the show, was more fun than I've had on that show in a long time.

Are we having fun yet, or what?