On continuity: you bet. I'm as...

 Posted on 4/26/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

On continuity: you bet. I'm as big a stickler for that as anyone. You
get inconsistency when you're casting about in every possible direction,
without a clear vision. If you're telling a continuous story, the odds of
being consistent are better.

As far as Suits are concerned...I've always divided it up into two areas.
There are Studio Execs Who Care, people like Dick Robertson at Warners, and
Evan Thompson at Chris-Craft TV, whose unflagging support of B5 has made it
possible to get this far. They are our patron saints.

And they are NOT "suits."

A "suit" is basically that...a suit of clothes with nothing inside, no
personality, no judgment, no creativity. It's not what's worn, it's what's
*inside*. Every studio has suits...people who are frightened of making any
judgment, who obfuscate and don't give an opinion, who are roadblocks on the
journey to getting ANYthing done, who are cynical and interested only in not
making waves. An empty suit.

Two very different classes.