Okay, two things: I put in the order...

 Posted on 4/1/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Okay, two things: I put in the order today for the shirts (which, on
seeing what was there, I decided at the last would look better on royal blue
than black, with the emblem in white). Those of you who need to hedar -- er,
hear -- further details, will. Watch your private mail in the next two weeks.
(You know who you are.)

And now something very, very serious, folks, and I want you all to listen

I have a favor to ask.

I need those of you who have any real interest in seeing B5 hit the
airwaves to check into this topic at least twice a day between now and Friday
morning/early afternoon. I may need something from you, in a big way. This
is *important*, people. I can't go into detail at this time, and maybe the
situation will fix itself...but for now let's just say that you may have a
chance to influence a major situation. I don't know how large the B5 group of
shock-troops is, but there may be a major role for every single one of you to

I don't want to sound apocalyptic. I *do* want to convey to you that
there is something very important in the works and, as they say, to Watch This
Space. The call may never need to go out, but if it does, stay tuned.