My apologies for the long silence...

 Posted on 3/29/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

My apologies for the long silence hit a stage in the
preproduction process where, at various points, you fall off the face of the
earth...a lot is happening awfully fast, and the press of all that tends to
wipe out everything else. (M,SW has also kept me busier than usual, finishing
off one outline, and getting the premises approved for two of which
is going to be just a *knockout* in the ratings, it's something so nifty that
I can't even talk about it just now. If you thought the Psycho house
crossover was promotable, wait till you see what is coming down the pike this

I should be able to see the new, revised B5 rendering on screen this
coming week, probably the first part of the week. Will also be finalizing
certain aspects of the revised budget, and meeting some of the new members of
the production crew that've been added, including the director of photography,
camera operator, line producer and the like.

Have decided to bite the bullet and commission a limited number of B5 t-
shirts that'll be given out at conventions where I'm appearing. I figure
it'll be a fairly small order, maybe 500 or so to start with, and see where
that takes me. It'll probably end up with the B5 logo on the front (either
small, over the left breast, or full-size in front) with the possible addition
of ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES on the back. Those of you who've seen the logo, how
does silver on a black T sound? The other choice would be black on a grey T
shirt. (I *hate* white T's and just won't wear them, let alone inflict them
on others.)

At this point, there won't be enough (or time or resources) to mail out a
bunch at this time...but I give you my word that when we have a large order
made up, the Loyal And Faithful Few here will be first to hear about them.
(Hmm...just had a funny idea...maybe when the rest are made up from the big
order, I could pay to have an altered set made up for the GEnie-ites who
supported it...with everything else on the shirt the same, except for the
words "I Was There At The Beginning" added in front or back...hmmm...I'll have
to play with that notion for a while.)

Anyway, as stated, try not to take silence as any indication of lack of
movement. As a rule, the more I can write here, the more time I have, meaning
that the faster things are happening, and the more that's going on, the more
I'll tend to fall silent here unless provoked by a message of my own
conscience. One tends to get very tunnel-visioned about these things....