Ah, I mistook your Roanoke comment...

 Posted on 3/23/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Ah, I mistook your Roanoke comment for something else, to do with
speculation about B4...guess that means I'll have to retract my comment that
you were closer to the truth than you knew...(sly smile).

BTW...just in case anyone's interested...there's a piece in the Arizona
Speculative Fiction Society's publication, CONNOTATIONS, about B5, courtesy of
Lee Whiteside that talks about B5, drawing from notes here. Also, if you get
(or your library gets) Broadcasting News Magazine, there was a two-page color
ad from Warners to announce the four projects of the new consortium, which
includes B5. (I believe that was the February 24th issue.) It bills all four
as Commencing Production. There are a few more articles due out soon, will
try to advise all of them closer to publication.