Actually, one of the things we're...

 Posted on 3/17/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Actually, one of the things we're going to be playing with, once we get
to series, is the idea of weather. If you're in a station like this, which is
basically an enclosed, self-contained world, you're going to want some
variations in weather, particularly in the inner section. So there are plans
for a Bio-Environmental Engineer type whose job it is to vary the weather a
little here and there, and to look out for issues of resource conservation and
the like.

And there will be some aspects of that "smoky" photography at time...the
main thing, as the director put it, is that so many SF shows "light and shoot
the walls; what we want to do is light and shoot the ACTORS."

With the director taken care of, we're now setting up our wardrobe
person, casting director, and line producer. Hope to have those nailed down
in the next week or so. Should also be getting the revised specs on the New
And Improved B5, and some of the ships we'll be seeing, in the next few days.
Our EFX guy, Ron Thornton, is cooking up some strictly wonderful and strange
stuff, chuckling over the guys who were so blown out over what was on the
original NewTek tape..."If THAT blew their brains out," he said, "wait until
they see *this*!"