Regarding language...yes, there...

 Posted on 3/13/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Regarding language...yes, there will be some completely alien languages
spoken. The generally used names -- Vorlons, Minbari -- are the nearest Human
equivilants in some cases, or have other backgrounds.

In *general*, the resident language is English, or Terran, since this
station is, after all, nominally run by the Terrans. And on average, you take
a little time to learn the language, just as you would if you knew you were
going to be visiting France for an extended period. Hence, the ambassadors
are more or less fluent. It's all downhill from there. You have the alien
equivilant of the Ugly American, who doesn't bother to learn the language, or
the customs, and doesn't much care. (And which can thus lead to some dicey

(Another reason behind this, btw, was the realization that one language
generally arises as the language of commerce. Every commercial airline in the
world, whenever it approaches a control tower, wherever that tower may be in
the world, generally opens communications in English, just as once in our past
Latin was considered a "generic" language in commerce.)

In any event...yes, there will be a multiplicity of tongues, in varying
situations and to varying degrees, depending on who's involved. Good
thoughts on the beam weapons, btw. Fairly close to what we have in mind.

(Btw...and I hate to repeat this from my other topic, but I've been asked to
do last episode of MURDER, SHE WROTE for this season airs this Sunday
night. Just FYI.)