It's pro forma never to announce...

 Posted on 2/27/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

It's pro forma never to announce more than one phase at a time, so that's
why they're concentrating on the movie in terms of PR. You don't start
flogging the series until you're in production...just as they didn't start
flogging the movie until we hit a point of beginning preproduction, with a
firm airdate.

No, drat it, my new computer didn't arrive Saturday. The guy who's
building it for me was delayed over the weekend out of state. Promised to
have it in for me this weekend. I learned that the system I designed for him
to build for me is essentially identical to the system being used by the
International Bank of Japan.

Turned in the next version of the B5 script, with the new Bigger And
Better final scene...boy, if this looks *half* as big on screen as we think it
might, it's gonna be a hoot. May have some good news to announce soon
regarding a big article in a certain magazine...will advise.