Regarding the NewTek B5,...

 Posted on 1/22/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Regarding the NewTek B5, that wasn't done with the Video
Toaster. In this case, NewTek is noted because it's the company that MADE the
VT, but this isn't an aspect of that, insofar as I know. They've come up with
some startling new technologies for computer-generated EFX, and in fact Ron
Thornton, our one-man brain trust, is completely REWRITING THE CODES
specifically to accommodate B5.

When the opening sequence is completed, the trailer will be one
continuous take of the starship pulling away from the planet, scooting across
space, then we pan in from FIVE MILES OUT, join up with the ship as it enters
the docking bay, and go THROUGH the docking bay...ending up right on a live-
action face of one of our characters inside.

And yes, we'll be slowing down the animation a bit, partly for
aesthetics, partly because real objects should have mass and weight and
shouldn't move *quite* that fast. Also, I have some additional ideas on how
the B5 station should look, and we'll be incorporating those in as well. The
*basic* form and shape will, I suspect, stay pretty close to what you've seen.