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Have been up to my ears with work, and got slammed again by the
freaking flu. So I've been way out of contact with everyone on

On Dec 13 2009, 3:21=A0am, Jan <> wrote:
> ..for a year-end wrap-up on all that's moving and shaking in the various
> Straczynski-verses including (but not limited to):
> Superman: Earth One and your plans. =A0It's scheduled for 2 GNs per year?

At this point, I believe that's the plan. The script for the first
128 page GN is done and in, most of the art is done, and a bunch of
the pages have been colored. So we're well ahead of the game. (They
need a full year to properly promote the book and get it out there.)

> Brave & the Bold (loved #29 with the Geek)

Atom/Joker comes out in a week or two, then it's Aquaman/Demon, then a
combo of Batgirl/Wonder Woman/Zatanna, then a kind of experimental
situation with two issues on a parallel track, telling different but
related stories with different teams (first: Legion of Super-Heroes
and the Doom Patrol, followed by the League of Substitute Heroes and
the Inferior Five).

> Shattered Union

Working on it now.

> The Flickering Light

May have something interesting to say about this in March or April.

> Forbidden Planet

Next draft turned in, waiting for responses.

> Lensman

Working on it now.

> They Marched into Sunlight

On hold pending a new director. Also the political climate has
changed a bit, so it's not as timely as it was.

> TV Series Pilot for FOX (Any chance of a working title?)

Final draft of the script went in to the network last week, so we'll
know something soon. I've heard we're in pretty good shape for a
pilot pickup, but I've heard that before.

> ..and any other projects I've missed.
> And for 'old' business, has Ninja Assassin performed satisfactorily as it=
's been
> opening up around the world?

Warners is more than satisfied with the results.

> I read recently that the last scripts for The Twelve will be handed in sh=
> What can we look forward to there?

Finishing them up right now.

> ..and any new projects that you'd care to tell or tease about. New names =
> you've added to your speed-dial recently, for instance?

I'm finishing writing Midnight Nation as a movie which one of the
biggest producers in town wants me to also direct. There may also be
some movement soon on Dream Police and a new SF film trilogy I've put
together for film. And I've gotten a fair amount of work done on my
autobio. I figure it's time.

> Super congratulations not just on getting a Superman title that will let =
> take a fresh look at the character, but one in a format that doesn't limi=
t you
> to 22-page chunks.

To the convention question raised at the end of this thread...I'm
seriously thinking of taking a rest from cons this year. I need to
focus on the work, and it seems like every time I do one lately, I end
up with the Martian Death Flu. Random House may do a book tour in
association with the Superman GN, but I haven't heard the final word
on that yet.