Re: Seen on Live Journal - fan produced films?

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On Oct 16, 4:00=A0pm, voxwoman <> wrote:
> I am currently trying to track down the original source for this - the
> poster on LiveJournal claims this is on one of the B5 Facebook pages.
> The things that concern me are (a) NOT JMS-written and (b) fan
> fiction.
> "Latest Update: Ok B5'rs...its confirmed, that there are a few new
> B5's shows being produced...but NOT by Strazynski. Instead they are
> high end professionally mastered FanFict shorts. I've spoken to a few
> of the producers and they are t...hinking about releasing them via the
> Vuze HD network in hopes to rekindle a new full length series to take
> place after 2262 and will take place during the Drakh wars and
> telepath wars."
> the link to the post is this:
> -Wendy

Totally and unequivocally untrue.

First, WB does not have anything going with B5 at the moment, and
would not DO anything with B5 without my direct involvement.
(Interestingly enough, I had a meeting just a few days ago with the
HEAD of WB Television, and they confirmed that there's nothing in the
pipeline, in or out of the studio, and won't be until and unless I
authorize it. They're being very nice these days, for a variety of
reasons that I'll address at some point in the future.)

Second, bear in mind that the same guy who's putting this out there is
also saying that the episode title of each B5 installment has the
title said out loud at some point during that episode. Also totally

Third, WB is fiercely protective of its copyrights. I've gotten them
to go easy on fan sites in general, and they've generally looked the
other way on parodies, but if anybody started producing any sort of
high-visibility films, the studio would be on them with restraining
orders almost instantly.