Re: ATTN JMS: Original casting question

 Posted on 9/2/2009 by to

On Sep 1, 4:44=A0pm, vakie <> wrote:
> On Sep 2, 00:43, John W Kennedy <> wrote:
> > Now I'm confused. I could have sworn that I saw somewhere that there
> > was a first Na'Toth who worked a single day and freaked out over the
> > makeup, whose footage was consequently never aired at all. The story
> > is in Wikipedia (s.v. "Na'Toth"), with the name Susan Kellerman
> > attached, but that's not where I first saw it.
> I remember reading or hearing that somewhere as well.
> vakie

Yeah...I think that might be right, though I don't recall if that was
a first day of work or makeup tests. Boy, the brain goes fast....