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On Sep 1, 5:36=A0am, Joseph DeMartino <> wrote:
> Just idle curiosity: =A0In reading the Julie Caitlin Brown bio posted onw=
ww.hollywoodshow.comin conjuction with their upcoming autograph
> show, I came across the following:
> "Following the departure of Mary Woronov from the series and the last-
> minute loss of originally cast Susan Kellerman, Babylon 5's casting
> director called her and unexpectedly offered her the role of Na'Toth
> on the first season of the science-fiction series."
> This is the first time I've ever seen it even *suggested* that anyone
> had actually been cast to play an aide to G'Kar other than Woronov,
> Brown and Mary Kay Adams. =A0So I'm skeptical, to say the least.
> Are they completely nuts or could this be some lost bit of trivia from
> the earliest days of the show? =A0Maybe Kellerman was one of the actors
> who *auditioned* for the role, and the story became mangled somewhere
> along the line? =A0(The bios on the site seem to be a mix of stuff from
> the IMDB, official websites and who-knows-where, so I have no idea
> where this particular tidbit comes from.) =A0I'm just intrigued by the
> idea that something ostensibly "new" like this might have surfaced
> after all these years.
> Regards,
> Joe

I vaguely recall that she auditioned, and I think she was among our
finalists, but I don't believe we ever crossed the contract threshold.