Re: JMS at FanExpo Aug 29-30

 Posted on 8/26/2009 by to

On Aug 25, 1:37=A0pm, Tippi <> wrote:
> On Aug 25, 2:21=A0pm, Jan <> wrote:
> > >I looked at the SciFi schedule and found him listed as a special guest
> > >but no time or room. Then I looked at the Comic schedule and found the
> > >info there. Wonder if they'll do other panels with him in the SciFi
> > >section? (same venue but different parts)
> > I took a very quick look at the other schedules and didn't see anything=
> > JMS? =A0Anything else you'll be appearing at this weekend?
> I emailed the organizers and they said just the Comic appearances.

At this point I may jump in on the DC panel on Saturday, but it looks
like that may be the only other addition. They wanted to do the
writing panel but it looks like they ran out of room(s).

Came very close to cancelling, but I'm pretty sure I'm up for
traveling now. This cough just never ends, though.