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On Jul 17, 5:27=A0am, Dan Dassow <> wrote:
> On Jul 2, 6:33=A0pm, Jan <> wrote:
> > If memory serves, today marks the 6th anniversary of Buddy being rescue=
d by JMS.
> > Hopefully there was cake and new cat toys. =A0The story JMS wrote about=
how Buddy
> > came into his life still brings tears to my eyes.
> Joe, I hope you have a happy fifty fifth birthday. May you have a
> great day enjoying barbecue ribs and nut-free banana ice cream! If you
> respond, I will expect your traditional response of =93bah humbug.=94
> As you celebrated your fifteenth birthday forty years ago, I suspect
> that you were engrossed in the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission. I
> vividly remember the fuzzy images of the mission narrated by Uncle
> Walter Cronkite. Who would have guessed at that time you would be an A-
> list screenwriter?
> Your last four years have been truly amazing. In June 2006, Universal
> Studios and Howard's Imagine Entertainment bought the script for
> Howard to direct. In March 2007, Universal fast tracked the
> production. When Howard chose to direct Frost/Nixon and Angels &
> Demons as his next two projects, there was doubt that Changeling would
> be made until Clint Eastwood agreed to direct the film upon reading
> the script.
> Production started on Changeling in October 2008. It must have been
> truly amazing to be on the set with Clint Eastwood directing with
> Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich in starring roles. I hope that you
> will be able to tell us what you learned about directing by observing
> Mr. Eastwood.
> The press coverage for Changeling, which started prior to production,
> was at times overwhelming. It must have been strange to be on the
> periphery of the press coverage on a project that was the fruits of
> your labor.
> The Cannes Film Festival must have been an eye opening experience. You
> acquitted yourself well during the Cannes press conference and made
> your debut as an A-list screenwriter. The US premiere at the New York
> film festival on October 4, 2009, followed by the US limited release
> on October 24 and wide release on October 31 must have been an
> extremely busy time for you.
> Although Changeling was not a major box office success, I believe that
> it will be known as a classic film as time goes on. It received the
> following awards and nominations:
> * Three Academy Award nominations
> * Won the 2008 African American Film Critics Association Awards
> * Nominated for 2008 Art Directors Guild Awards
> * Eight 62nd British Academy Film Awards nominations,
> * One nomination for 2008 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards
> * Won the 60th Christopher Awards for Feature Films
> * Nominated for 2008 Costume Designers Guild Awards
> * Three Critics' Choice Awards nominations
> * One Empire Awards nomination
> * Two Golden Globe Awards nominations
> * One Rembrandt Awards nomination
> * Six Saturn Awards nomination with one win
> * Won a Screen Actors Guild Awards
> * Won two Visual Effects Society Awards
> * Won two Women Film Critics' Circle Awards
> The Wikipedia article on Changeling (
> ) is now a featured article. Changeling made its debut in the IMDb Top
> 250 on February 3, 2009. It steadily rose to a rank of 216 on May 6,
> 2009 and has been maintained a rank between 216 and 219 since.
> You have multiple film scripts in work including Ninja Assassin, They
> Marched Into Sunlight, World War Z, Silver Surfer, Forbidden Planet,
> The Flickering Light and Lensman.
> I hope that you will be able to update your screenwriting book based
> upon your experiences.
> Sincerely,
> Dan Dassow
> Zero shopping days until Chrysalis 2009

Okay, that's it.

I need a nap.

And a big old bah-humbug right back atcha.

(I discovered today that my birthday is noted on the 2009 Simpsons
Calendar. At last, I have arrived.)