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On Jul 7, 11:32=A0am, (Cheryl Martin) wrote:
> I guess I haven't been paying nearly enough attention to this
> newsgroup (but hey, I'll be done with school in December!) =A0Anyway, I
> just read on a WoW discussion group on a kink site (!) that it is
> rumored that you, Joe, play World of Warcraft. =A0So I thought I would
> ask.
> Jay and I play Alliance on Moonrunner. Our mains are Quodo 80 Gnome
> Mage (Jay) and Herbodana 80 Dwarf Priest (me).
> Cheryl
> PS: (the site also has a Babylon 5 discussion group so kink and geek
> go together)
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T'ain't true, McGee....