Re: jms1tb5 to Joseph Straczynski?

 Posted on 6/24/2009 by to

On Jun 23, 8:46=A0pm, Matt Ion <> wrote:
> Jan wrote:
> > In article <84b0e405-1b76-45db-a419-5ae42d8f4...@s1g2000prd.googlegroup=>,
> > Joseph Straczynski says...
> >> I had a similar experience on amazon, where I just used an email
> >> address to log in, and my name was Joe Straczynski on amazon when I
> >> signed on. =A0Then one day I logged in...and it had been changed to J.
> >> Michael Straczynski, meaning that SOMEbody at Amazon saw me,
> >> recognized me, and adjusted the name. =A0Because sure as hell I didn't
> >> do it.
> > Okay, is it just me or that kind of creepy?
> I'd tend to think it's just someone being thorough... you know, of the
> "hey, that's not how he writes his name professionally!". =A0No more
> creepy than someone, maybe, correcting "E.E. Cummings" in a listing.

Yeah, well, it sure as shit creeped ME out....