Re: JMS: Good Luck

 Posted on 6/23/2009 by to

On Jun 22, 10:04=A0pm, Dan Dassow <> wrote:
> On Jun 22, 10:00=A0pm, Jan <> wrote:
> > JMS,
> > Good luck at the Saturn Awards on Wednesday.
> > Jan
> Joe,
> I hope that you and Changeling at least get a screenwriting award, and
> a majority of the rest.

I'm up to my ears on deadlines, so I can't be there, even though it's
right here in town. I literally can't afford a single night away from
the keyboard to get the (still classified) project I'm writing for
(still classified) turned in on schedule.

As to the writing award, I'd much rather see it go to Dark Knight,
which got screwed in other contests and given the Saturn Award crowd,
should do well here. I think Angelina has a very good chance, though.