Re: JMS: Year End Report

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Before getting into any of this...could somebody do me a huge favor
and replace the picture of me on the jms wikipedia entry (taken at a
bookstore in the UK) with this picture instead:

It's my own photo, so there's no issue of ownership, it's just that
the one there now makes me look like a ninety year old man.


On Dec 4, 6:50=A0pm, Jan <> wrote:
> JMS,
> I may be a little early this year but I thought I'd put up the annual
> Straczynski-Verse Report Request now and avoid the holiday rush. =A0Who k=
nows what
> new venues have opened up for you lately, so can you give us a rundown on=
> definitely happening, what might happen, what probably won't happen and a=
> if between?

One small thing that I can confirm is that yes, I've made a deal with
a cable network to write a pilot for a new TV series in the paranormal
genre. That's all I can say about it for now.

Have lined up the next couple of films I'll be writing after the first
of the year, and will have more to say about them...well, after the
first of the year.

> And while you're here, let me sneak in a couple of extra questions if I m=
> --What was the most amazing thing to happen to you this past year?

Cannes. Not even a question. Just the whole experience.

> --Which came first, the line in the movie or the name of your production
> company?

The movie. The name of the company was both a nod to the movie that
made it possible, and just me being kind of a rascal. When I told one
friend the name of the company -- And the Horse You Rode In On
Productions -- he said, "Joe, you've gotta let go of the rage...."