Re: JMS: "Changeling" promo and update

 Posted on 9/4/2008 by to

On Sep 3, 11:58=A0am, Jan <> wrote:
> JMS,
> So, with less than two months before the theater debut of "Changeling", a=
ny idea
> what kind of promotions we can look forward to? =A0Are you going to be dr=
> kicking and screaming in front of TV cameras on talk shows?
> Any other updates you can share?

In typical Joe-Luck, a number of options normally available aren't
because big events tend to be built around big names being able to
attend, and in this case Brad and Angie are off being parents, and
Clint is busy on Gran Torino, so that means a lot of the usual events
won't be done. To my knowledge, there won't be an LA premiere, for
instance...the only sort of premiere will be the NYFF screening.
There will be some industry screenings, however, and there will be
plenty of press requests...they're already coming in and more will
follow the closer we get to the debut.

But talk shows...nah, not at this point. Who wants to see a writer?