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On Sep 25, 10:02 am, Tom <> wrote:
> Congrats again. Do you find that when it rains it pours in your
> profession? I know you told us before that you always had work to
> keep you busy and pay the bills, but it seems like you went from busy
> to "where the heck did the last year go" busy. Advanced busy one
> might say.- Hide quoted text -

For anybody working in the arts -- writer, director, actor, or any of
the other visual or musical arts -- it's always feast or famine. When
you're down, nobody wants you, when you're up, and can't take on any
other work, that's when everybody wants a piece of you. I've been
luckier than most because my slow periods are still pretty busy, but
there's still a visible arc.

Certainly the last 18 months have been not just busy, but insanely
busy...this is the most frantic period I've had work wise since the
end of B5 when we were finishing up one series, doing 4 TV movies and
launching Crusade and I was getting into the comics field, all at the
same time.

Changeling is less than three weeks from going into production, offers
to directors are going out on World War Z and as soon as someone says
yes it goes into production, Silver Surfer is two steps away from
being greenlit, I'm about two weeks shy of delivering the first draft
of They Marched into Sunlight to Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks,
another production entity has stepped in to pick up Apocalypse Al,
there's all the comics work (Thor, Silver Surfer Requiem, Spidey), the
script books, the top-secret TV project I've been working on...and
waiting in the wings are at least two more movie offers that I can
take as soon as I finish what's now on my plate.

To some degree, the rest of the year is being complicated by the
coming WGA strike, but honestly, I'm kind of looking forward to'll be a chance for the first real vacation I've had since