Re: JMS project sighting

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On Sep 22, 5:32 am, Kurt Ullman <> wrote:
> >From a general article on Clint Eastwood came the following:
> Next month, Eastwood starts filming "The Changeling" starring Angelina
> Jolie, about a woman whose child is kidnapped. When the child is
> returned, she suspects a swap has taken place.
> "It's a great tour de force for a woman ... with John Malkovich and a
> lot of very good actors," Eastwood said.
> eyb1LR4KAyoF1vAI

Here's the other part of it.

For the last year, very much under the radar, I've been working with
two film makers who have created some of the biggest SF movies in the
last twenty years on a television project. (I can't reveal their
identities, but pick any three of their movies and you have box office
of over two billion dollars.) We've been quietly writing and creating
the first three scripts for a new SF series that would pretty much
revolutionize the form, and which have gone out to the networks for
auction. Offers are coming in. Whether or not the offers are enough
to make the project work -- it's huge -- remains to be seen. Where
this goes will be determined in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.