Re: Comic-Con Schedule Preview - B5 panel on Friday 7/27

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On Jul 9, 11:29 am, Jon <> wrote:
> And Saturday:
> 4:30-5:30 Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski-It's a big summer for
> popular writer/producer/director J. Michael Straczynski, as his new
> direct-to-DVD feature Babylon 5: The Lost Tales debuts and he brings
> back Thor to his rightful place in the Marvel universe. JMS talks
> about these projects and more, including his upcoming film Changeling
> for Imagine Entertainment, which is being produced by Ron Howard,
> starring Angelina Jolie, and directed by Clint Eastwood. And then
> there's World War Z, and Goliath: The Story of David and that Silver
> Surfer movie, too . . . Room 6B

To fill out the details...I'm set to sign at noon on Thursday in the
autograph area, and on Friday at 3:00 there's a group B5 signing
there, with a final solo signing on Sunday 12:00.

And to correct something that's been floating around out there,
somebody conflated two different messages of mine and came away with
the impression that Paul Greengrass was involved with the Surfer
movie, and started posting that information all over the place. He is
not. Paul is attached to the adaptation of They Marched Into

> The real question is...when are we going to perform J. Michael
> Straczynski's Snow White in the middle of the Exhibit Hall? *evil
> grin*
> I call playing the Prince!

Can I even *begin* to express how bad an idea this is...?