Re: Apocalypse Al: No news is no news?

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On Jun 16, 12:46 pm, kurt_eh <> wrote:
> On May 28, 1:03 pm, kurt_eh <> wrote:
> > Has anyone heard any updates for the Adventures of Apocalypse Al?
> > The last I've seen it mentioned was in a Blog at the CBC website, back
> > in January. (
> > )
> > Hopefully, we'll have the chance to hear it before the summer's
> > through.
> > Kurt
> Well, I got a reply back from my inquiry to the CBC.
> ---qoute---
> Dear Kurt:
> Thank you for taking the time to contact the CBC.
> As of this point in time, we have not received any notice that this
> program will be airing on CBC Radio in the near future.
> I should however point out that it is unlikely that this program will
> be made available by podcast. With the majority of our comedy and
> drama programs, we have broadcast rights and not distribution. This
> will, however, depend largely on the agreements negotiated with
> producers, actors, etc.
> The ideas, opinions and questions of our audience are important to the
> CBC if we are to remain
> relevant as the national public broadcaster. Your comments and
> questions will be
> entered into our Audience Reaction Report which is circulated among
> our senior producers,
> programmers, and executives, including our President and CEO...
> ---end quote---
> So it looks like nothing for a while.

It's something I have no control over...the problem is in scheduling
in because it's 20 episodes in 5 minute chunks, and they have to be
able to lay it out over four consecutive weeks, and apparently they're
having a hard time working that out in advance. But it's done, and
they like it, so we'll have to see.