Re: JMS: Silver Surfer movie?

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> >> >There's another little surprise in the imdb listing, btw....
> >> >jms
> >> That would be "They Marched Into Sunlight", right? You're listed as having a
> >> writing credit but *not* writing the screenplay?
> >> So...what can you tell us about that one?
> >> Enquiring minds...
> >I am writing the screenplay, from an outline by Paul Greengrass, who's
> >also directing.
> >jms
> It's not a subject matter I'd've ever expected you to want to explore. Can you
> say what attracted you to that project?
> Any updates to be had on 'Changeling', btw? IIRC, shouldn't it be shooting in
> the next few months?

Shooting is likely to start in September. I'm supposed to meet with
Clint sometime this month go go over the script with the goal of
starting prep sometime in July. Angelina is still a go.

The news seems to be everywhere now, and Fox hasn't said anything
about NOT commenting on it so...yes, I'm writing the Silver Surfer
movie. (Have written, actually, being the more correct form...the
script has already been turned in.)

Overall, this has probably been the most extraordinary year of my
career. There's Changeling with Eastwood/Jolie/Howard slated for
2008...the Silver Surfer movie, which is going to be a big film, also
looking at 2008...They Marched into Sunlight with director Paul
(Bourne Ultimatum) Greengrass, based on a historical novel by a
Pulitizer prize winning author, for Tom Hanks' company, open date on
when it goes...World War Z for Brad Pitt's company, also potentially
2008...the King David script for Akiva Goldsman....just the company of
those names alone is astonishing. I am, as they say, in the tall
grass now.

And there are still at least two, and possibly three major
announcements yet to be made at Comic Con, which regardless of whether
one is a TV or movie fan, an SF fan or a comics fan...are gonna pin
people's ears back.

There isn't a day when I don't feel as though I woke up in somebody
else's life.