Re: JMS: Legend of the Rangers question

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On Apr 20, 11:23 am, Ian Finlayson <>
> I've been a B5 fan for about 10 years or so but only recently got to see
> Legend of the Rangers. I'd heard about some of the problems which
> surrounded the production and one thing I read that left me curious was
> that the style of the weapons room (for lack of better words) was
> influenced by financial constraints.
> I've looked through some old posts and couldn't see any mention of this
> so I was wondering if it's true? And if it is the case I was hoping you
> could give me an idea of how the weapons room was intended to look. I've
> always thought it was pretty unique for a live action show and it seems
> like it wouldn't be out of place in some manga.

No, just the opposite. The traditional way these things are done is
to simply push a button and the ship fires. To create a zero-g
environment where a person is suspended in the center of a completely
CGI 3D environment was hideously costly and difficult, but I wanted to
try something a bit different.

> Thanks
> P.S. Just discovered World War Z after finding out you were writing the
> script and wanted to thank you for bringing it to my attention. I must
> admit a long term dislike for reading novels but it was probably the
> first book I've enjoyed reading in about 10 years and I can't wait to
> see how the film turns out.

It's going to be a corker.