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On Mar 17, 3:48 pm, "Shabaz" <> wrote:
> On Mar 14, 10:38 pm, "Shabaz" <> wrote:
> > While those of us not attending the New York Comic-Con were kept
> > wonderfully up to date by our own Jan, and various news outlets, it's
> > always nice to actually hear exactly what has been said yourself. The
> > NYCC has just put an audio version of the panel JMS had with them up
> > on their podcast feed, and it's a fun listen. Even if you already
> > think you know the news from it, I would still recommend give it a
> > listen, since it is a pretty entertaining hour of JMS talking.
> > A short note on SPOILERS: There are some spoilery bits with regards to
> > the particulars of a certain Centauri character, and some other little
> > things. Also, the podcast includes audio of the video blogs that were
> > shown, and the intro sequence to VitD, which everyone may not want to
> > hear yet. So a heads up to those of you trying to avoid spoilers.
> > Anyway, you can find it here:
> > -Shabaz
> Ok, I posted this about 4 days ago I think, but apparently it took a
> while for it to show up. At that time the podcast of the panel was
> indeed up on the NYCC cast website. If you try the link now you will
> notice it is dead though, because they removed it about half a day to
> a day after posting it. I have been told by them this was at the
> request of JMS himself, and I'm guessing that maybe the audio of the
> blogs and the intro wasn't supposed to go out yet. To use a Dutch
> saying, sorry to make you guys happy with a dead sparrow.
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Yeah, I had the piece pulled because a) I hadn't been told they were
going to be taping the appearance and putting it up there, and b)
there's stuff from the blogs that should not be out there because
they're still in progress. (The delay in posting the blogs has been
in waiting for the final CGI to be delivered in those cases where we
have before and after shots...which is nearly all of the blogs.)

Still catching up on deadlines here, not helped by the fact that on
Tuesday last I took quite a spill and in addition to banging the hell
out of both knees and spraining an ankle, ended up fracturing two ribs
(the 4th and 5th lateral ribs on the left side, for those keeping
score). So I'm alternately a) in pain and out of it, or b) gooned on
vicodin and tylenol and likewise out of it.

More when the colors around me become recognizable again....