Re: ATTN JMS Questions

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On Mar 9, 5:18 pm, wrote:
> Dear JMS
> 1) Will there be any books or comics coming out in conjunction with B5
> Lost Tales?

No plans for any as such, though there may be a mini-comic included in
the DVD, but that's still in the yes/no stage.

> 2) Is Thor your only ongoing at Marvel right now? What other comics
> are you writing right now?

I'm still finishing up on Amazing Spider-Man, with 2 of the regular
book and 2 of the "One More Day" mini to write, and then I'm off. One
more issue of "Ultimate Power" to write before handing the baton off
to Jeph Loeb to finish the mini (Bendis did the first 3, I'm doing the
middle 3, with Loeb last in rotation). Working on Thor as an ongoing
title, the only monthly in addition to The Book of Lost Tales, which
will be coming back shortly. Also doing a 12 issue maxi series
tentatively called "The Twelve" that will be bringing back a bunch of
WW2 era Marvel heroes not seen since then.

> Congradulations with The Changeling and all your success.