Re: Attn: JMS - NY Comic Con and TLT sneak peek

 Posted on 1/20/2007 by to

Amy Guskin wrote:
> So, JMS...enquiring minds want to know whether you think you might possibly
> be potentially having the slightest inclination of maybe considering thinking
> about bringing along to New York Comic Con any footage whatsoever that might
> possibly be from, oh, I dunno, B5:TLT...?
> (If you can be bribed, I'm planning on making at least one trip downtown to
> La Bella Ferrara's for cannoli while I'm there.)
> Amy

The cgi won't be sufficiently finished to bring anything of substance,
and we don't do the final audio mix until March, and I'm leery of
bringing anything that isn't balanced. (Well, with the exception of me
but I don't have much choice there.)

We are, however, planning to do a lot of stuff for San Diego, including
a trailer made just for SDCC (with an intro I recorded on the stages in
Vancouver), a director's blog, and perhaps some other googies. But
nothing of that for NYCC, I'm afraid, with the possible exception of
maybe one or two of the blogs, if they're sufficiently done by then.