Re: Shades of "12 Angry Men (1957)"

 Posted on 1/13/2007 by to

Kay Shapero wrote:
> In article <>,
> says...
> > You see, JMS has been given the ultimate time line wrecker -- jury
> > duty. (JMS on a jury. What we would give to be in that deliberation
> > room).
> My word - I'm on jury duty in Los Angeles myself. The criminal
> courthouse downtown, to be precise. Don't expect to run into Joe (there
> are a LOT of people tapped for jury duty every week), more's the pity.
> Be nice to have someone around who could understand the wisecracks I
> have been so carefully NOT making. (nor chanting "Yo -e -ho" as per
> Wizard of Oz when being marched into the courtroom in two lines, nor...)

Yeah, that's where I have to report on Tuesday morning. Anybody out
there in the LA judicial system wanna help out a writer in need who's
behind on deadlines...?