Re: jms viewing list

 Posted on 1/2/2007 by to

Ranger Elenopa wrote:
> Gosh what a list!
> One or two things stood out on reading it. You have a very wide taste
> in movies etc. Nice to see such a lot of British comedies there.
> Danger Mouse! - Good choice; something I always watched when I was
> young, and probably still know all the words to the themetune.

Love the show. "Ook, spiders!"

> Star Trek V - Why only this movie? It's considered to be possibly the
> worst of the set.

Slight accident with the set, it's now being replaced and coming in
from Amazon.

> Star Wars Trilogy - Which version? I've just bought the original
> theatrical ones. (Han shoots first!)


> Flags of our Fathers - Is this the new movie that came out in the UK
> just over a week ago? Is that on DVD already over there?

This came in courtesy of the Academy as a screener.