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Joseph DeMartino wrote:
> wrote:
> > Actually, this isn't the group, it's a movie, maybe one of my all time
> > favorite films, with George C Scott in the gentle, mad role of someone
> > who believes he is Sherlock Holmes, and is one day greeted by a new
> > doctor assigned to his case, a young woman by the name of Dr. Watson,
> > who finds herself dragged off in his loony pursuit of Moriarity, who
> > may or may not actually exist. It's a lovely, mad, beautiful film and
> > something I watch at least once a year.
> I had a feeling Amy was barking up the wrong tree on this one. Dr.
> Watson is, of course, wonderfully played by Joanne Woodward. I haven't
> seen this film in years and didn't even realize it was out on DVD.
> Unfortunately it was an Anchor Bay release and is now out of print!
> (Amazon has used copies starting at $95.00, nobody else seems to have
> it at all.) Maybe Universal will remember that they own this terrific
> film and release it themselves someday. (Although I hope they can get
> the commentary track by director Anthony Harvey and Robert Harris, the
> brilliant film preservationist from Anchor Bay or its heirs.)
> Back during the period when everyone was having such trouble posting, I
> asked if you had seen the *new* 40th anniversary edition of "Forbidden
> Planet" and what you thought about it. Now that we're all back, I'm
> asking again. <g>

It's one of the best SF films ever made, and the unquestionable
inspiration for Trek. Couldn't love it more.

> Also assume you have the 14 disc Superman Megaset. I'm curious. How
> do the restored Fleischer shorts compare with the earlier public domain
> release?

Cleaner, certainly, and that's the main thing.