Re: jms viewing list

 Posted on 1/1/2007 by to

Amy Guskin wrote:
> > "Pit And The Pendulum"
> > "Fall Of The House Of Usher" <<
> I think somebody needs to reshelve something...

They landed there because they're both on the same DVD.

> >> "Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra" <<
> Okay, anyone here who has _not_ seen this, go directly to Blockbuster and
> rent it tonight. One of the funniest films I've ever seen, and yes, I own
> it, too.


> >> "They Might Be Giants" <<
> Hey, I don't think I knew this. I mean, we know you love Meat Loaf/Jim
> Steinman, but I don't think you've ever mentioned TMBG. Nifty. I could
> watch this one over and over and over.

Actually, this isn't the group, it's a movie, maybe one of my all time
favorite films, with George C Scott in the gentle, mad role of someone
who believes he is Sherlock Holmes, and is one day greeted by a new
doctor assigned to his case, a young woman by the name of Dr. Watson,
who finds herself dragged off in his loony pursuit of Moriarity, who
may or may not actually exist. It's a lovely, mad, beautiful film and
something I watch at least once a year.