Re: Attn JMS: What's happening with B5 Lost Tales?

 Posted on 12/31/2006 by to

Ranger Elenopa wrote:
> Hi JMS,
> I was just thinking, we hadn't heard anything for a while about 'The
> Lost Tales' (like when we can buy it!).
> As it is just about new year, can you tell us anything?

Not much to say at the moment. The studios shut down two weeks ago,
everybody's on hiatus. The post production process continues apace,
with animatics having come down before the break for approval so they
can start the heavy rendering. I came up with an opening set-piece
which is now being storyboarded out, and we have someone now designing
a new title sequence as well. We'll just keep doing this until
February/March, when we do the final mix, with the release date slated
for the week of July 27th.