Re: JMS: The time has come...

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Shabaz wrote:
> On a related note, if JMS is still reading this; since one of your
> explicitly stated goals when asked why you took on directing was to get
> the tone and design of the CGI right, and updating the look for the
> modern world while keeping the feel the same, I was wondering if you'd
> be willing elaborate on how much involvement you have with the CGI side
> of things as a director/producer? It came up in a discussion with a
> fellow fan this week, and it has gotten me curious too. Do you actually
> direct the CGI camera, how much use of things like storyboarding and
> previz is made, and in general how much stages of approval do these
> things go through?

First storyboards get done shot-by-shot, with me and the artist, then
those go to the efx house for reference. Based on these they do
animatics, which we've discussed in advance as to the basic look and
feel I'm going for in the cgi, what kind of animation or action I do or
don't want. I'll often describe the shot in more detail. They do the
rough animatics, send them on for approval, and I may or may not have
notes. Then they do the final render. I've always been hands-on that

> Also, these "director's blogs"; these would be video production
> diaries, like they had on during King Kong production?
> Those sound fun, and with JMS in them, I'm sure they will steal the
> hearts of many internet denizens. <g>

Yeah, my mug in front of the camera a la Jackson. Like THAT'S gonna
sell copies. People will be bringing these things back in droves, just
to appease the horrified children....