Live from the B5 Set

 Posted on 11/23/2006 by to

Just a quick hello direct from the set of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales.
It's 4:51 p.m. and we just finished lunch (crew call at 10 a.m. lunch
at 4). Bruce Boxleitner just completed a series of shots in a
Starfury, his first time back in the saddle. We're ahead of schedule
and might actually wrap filming a day early. (It always goes faster if
you don't actually put film in the camera.) We've introduced a new
Centauri character -- Prince Regent Vintari, third from the throne -- a
new ISN reporter played by Teryl Rothery, a priest played by Alan
Scarfe, and a character who may have come too close to certain dark
forces played by Bruce Ramsey. Part One of "Voices in the Dark"
wrapped on Friday, and we should have part two done tomorrow, after a
long sequence shooting in the hallway of a new Minbari Presidential
Cruiser built for the Interstellar Alliance.